Camden Lock Trader Review

Camden Lock is one of Londons real indie gems, from the moment I decided to take Misene – Aperture Art to market I wanted to try it here. The place is huge as it’s not merely one market but a bunch of them all glued together in an area of cobbled roadways and repurposed industrial buildings, it’s a very atmospheric place, chuck in a legendary music venue and you’ve got a great, interesting blend for lots of footfall and hopefully sales!

Arriving at 9am as directed by the website I found myself a bit lost, luckily I asked around and found the market office who directed me to where the traders meet, there I met up with the market manager who took me to my stall for the day in the Lower Hall, I had previously visited the market so thought this would be an ok spot, at least I would be inside if it rained!

Many of the established traders had already set up so I was a bit rushed but luckily my signage and stall wraps fitted nicely so a few clips here and there got me started. It wasn’t the most beautiful set up imaginable but the signs looked great and it served my purpose for the day.

Having set up I sat down and waited, made a few notes and waited, stood up and waited some more while a slow trudge of tourists and teenage school trips wandered past the stall, some would point at my aperture art but no one stopped – occasionally a kid got dragged past by a parent when they saw my prices! The market manager came around at about 11am and took payment for the stall, by then I was already feeling let down with how things were going and he tried to reassure me by being honest and telling me I wouldn’t sell anything today but not to give up, he could tell all that from 30 seconds at my stall! I tried to take it in good stride but I’ve got to admit to being a bit deflated, all the hours I had put in to get Misene up and running for nothing? Surely SOMEONE would buy a piece!

I spent the rest of the day being attentive and making notes, after all every day is a school day! I got chatting with the stall holders near me and resolved to learn as much as possible so I could come back stronger. It turns out that I wasn’t the only trader having a slow day as footfall was down which was reassuring and the other traders were really friendly and genuinely interested in my aperture art concept.

So after a very long day (and no sales) I packed up the gear and trudged back through the rush hour to home, I haven’t been back yet but I will, with renewed vigour and a tweaked offering to entice all those lovely touristy types! Sample pieces are being tested as I write so watch out Camden Misene is coming back for more!