Etsy and going walk about!

So it’s been a hectic week on the Misene front. Finally, FINALLY after chatting with colleagues at work who had seen our aperture art on Facebook I realised the lack of attention Misene has been getting on social media was very basically because people viewing didn’t get it! They didn’t understand you take our art and add your own images, was a bit of a DOH bombshell but it has really helped push forward the idea as now we know we have to go out and educate potential customers not just that we have items of art for sale but how they can be used and personalised.

That was Sunday 17th March, so it’s been a matter of going back over old ground and resetting to move forwards (again!). We’ve reconnected with Etsy and decided to give that another try, I guess you could say it’s starting to come together at last, it’s certainly been long enough that’s for sure.

The final piece of the jigsaw is getting out and about showing off our wonderful aperture art so we are looking to take Misene to New Malden Community Farmers Market probably on 6th April 2019. A few things to sort out first but it’s looking promising so stay tuned!